Bullets & Broadheads is a family oriented outdoor show hosted by the Hendrick Family- Michael, Sonia, & 13 year old Mikey.  The show will bring you outdoor adventures from the prospective of a normal every day family.  Michael is an experienced hunter who has taken numerous record book animals with bow & rifle.  Sonia is the supportive mom & more of an observer learning the sport of hunting. Then there is little Michael who also has several record book animals, & now has ventured into bow hunting. All hunts featured on Bullets & Broadheads are booked through "H&H Hunt'n" & COA Outfitters.


The experiences of the Bullets and Broadheads’ family will keep you entertained and will continuously encourage you to spend time with your family and friends in the outdoors. “Sharing time in the outdoors creates memories that will be etched in your hearts and minds forever.” Don’t miss all the great moments the outdoors has to offer as the Bullets and Broadheads’ crew take you through adventures in the great outdoors as a family experience.

These are moments that every family needs to share. Not just hunting, but spending time with your family. From wetting a hook in your neighbors stock tank to a bike ride in the park or just as a spectator at your child’s sporting events.  Anything that lets you spend time and learn what your wife and children like to do and how to support them in all of their endeavors.